parish church of chaldon, caterham, county surrey, england

parish church of chaldon

This lovely village church dates back to the late 10th century and, like everything in England, is rich with character and history.  You can read about it here:

4 thoughts on “parish church of chaldon, caterham, county surrey, england

    • Thanks, Nigel. I took this the day we landed in England. It’s just a short walk from where we stayed. I’m still astounded by the age and preservation of all these wonderful structures. And they’re still used present day! I’m happy this reminded you of home :-). Thank you.

  1. I was cycling there yesterday 23-6-2020. Stopped into the church for a look, absolutely beautiful, very medieval looking (I think).

    • Thank you for this comment. Our best friends live within walking distance of that beautiful old church. Your comment made me very happy! I would love to go back! Are you from that area?

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