4 thoughts on “basilica of the sacré coeur, paris

  1. Magnificent images. I’m amazed by the architecture and views you captured. I’ve always imagined Paris as having more hills (shows how untravelled I am). A beautiful city.

    • Hi Scott. Thank you 🙂 This was my first time abroad. As someone who comes from the midwest, I found London and Paris visually overhwelming. 🙂 I was taken aback by how OLD everything is, especially in London. You know this going over but to actually see it is thrilling. And Paris is truly magical. The aesthetics of the city are gorgeous – the architecture, the light, food, people. It seems that the Parisians put an artistic flair into everything they do. I barely got past admiring the architecture (for example, I was fascinated with doors and windows – no double hung ordinary Pellas in sight!) and very much want to return one day. I highly recommend going at least once in your lifetime! 🙂 Thanks again for the great comment. Sharon

    • Hi Carol, thank you! No, I don’t paint but I very much admire those who do, including you and your lovely watercolors :-). I did buy a couple pieces of art from the street artists. I agree – the basilica from this angle would make a terrific painting!

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