4 thoughts on “summer blue

  1. I like that photograph very much, but I am worried about there being much number of tags (tag 17 / category 2).
    There is the next article on the support page of WordPress.com.
    Five to 15 tags (or categories, or a combination of the two) is a good number to add to each of your posts.

    This articles can be found at the following locations:
    WordPress.com > Support > Writing & Editing > Posts > Tags > Topic Listings (the last part of the page)

    * If you have a lot of tags that you want to delete, you can use the bulk actions feature. (the article on the same support page)

  2. Hi Fotostream, thanks for your input. I think you’re probably right about that and I’ll read the article and keep it in mind. Thank you :-). I just switched over to a new theme and have a few bugs to work out. Some of the images on the main page tumble don’t appear on the page, although the links to images within the posts themselves show the image. I’ll contact support. Thanks very much for your comment :-). Sharon

    • Sharon! There seems to be surely bugs. I still have NOT received a reply from you.
      I found your comment in “Comments I’ve Made” of my Control Panel. I hope for you to do a bug fix completely at this time.

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