8 thoughts on “forgottonia, usa

  1. Hi there Nigel, thank you!! πŸ™‚

    I think the “He Lives” is a religious reference. At least I hope it’s that and not a warning that some creature lives inside.



  2. Awesome image, love the soft light. It would be interesting to visit each ‘forgotten’ region in nearly every state, and get to know the people who stay there

    • Good morning, Scott πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the great comment!

      Yes, sometimes people in rural areas feel forgotten when it comes to state funding for infrastructure and other building projects.

      Although “Forgottonia” was all very tongue-in-cheek, with a self-appointed beatnik mayor (who, sadly, passed away not too long ago), it was still an effective and clever way for a group of people to get the attention of politicians during an era when civic activism was alive and well.

      I was thrilled to find this old structure on a county road with the message still plainly visible!

      Also, I am happy to report that, after 35+ years of talking about it, the interstate referred to in the Wiki article is indeed, finally, underway and getting built in Forgottonia. πŸ™‚

      Thanks again Scott.


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