12 thoughts on “fence and vine

  1. Nice black and white, although I detest this time of year with all the dead everything. I can tell the sun is shining in this one. It looks serene.

    • Thanks, Paul. Yes we do. I pass this field regularly on my way to a State Park where I often shoot. On this day I noticed an old barn a ways off the road and decided to stop for a few pictures. As often happens, once there I found the structures around the building were more interesting than the barn itself.

      These scenes are probably common in our part of the Midwest, but I was pleased and surprised with the serendipity of our posts. Your color image is just wonderful!

      Thanks for your kind remarks.


    • Thanks very much, Nigel :). Yes, it was a peaceful and pleasant place to be. I lingered here for a while and could have stayed much longer just soaking it all in :).

      Thank you!!

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