7 thoughts on “one sunday, late march

  1. This is a wonderful picture Sharon. I love the colors and the sunshine!! The little bit of haze is so pretty.

    • Hi Connie 🙂

      Thanks! I had to capture this scene as it was the only bit of color in the woods I saw that day. It almost looks like autumn instead of early spring.

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. So you do have trees, woods and a bit of hilly terrain! Not all under cultivation, good to see. I love wild land. The golden halo effect here is enhanced by the remnants of what looks to be beech leaves. Magical!

    • Beech leaves………thank you! They’re the only surviving vegetation in the woods, and I’ve been wondering what they were.

      Yes, this part of the state is blessed with some woody/hilly areas, especially in the river valleys. I visit them weekly and get many of my images at the local ones!

      This one is a state park over what was once a coal mine………..you can still see the openings in a couple areas.

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