8 thoughts on “wildwood flower…..

  1. Garlic mustard is an invasive species. It self sows at an amazing rate. Yank it’s root if you see it! I’ve been losing the battle on my land despite years of trying.

    • Ah, I was afraid of that when I didn’t find it in any wildflower resources.

      Another example of what happens when we introduce a non-native species!

      Sorry to hear they’re taking over your property, Eliza. Keep up the good fight.


      • Thanks for the encouragement, Sharon. 🙂 Where did you find this plant? I hope it hasn’t taken over yet!
        It is edible when it first comes up as a new spring green, but it is bitter and a bit hot, perfect for Asian dishes, but a little goes a long way and does not justify its cultivation. Bleah!

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