12 thoughts on “fountain green

  1. Oh, what a wonderful spot! Takes me back in time. Love the ice cream social there!! Makes me think of my high school days. ; )

      • That’s very interesting. The weeds in the front and the tree to the left really look like they’re shot in infrared, but the remaining elements of the scene look rather normal. Are you doing a lot of post processing with these types of shots.

        I shot a lot of infrared back in the film days, so everything was dependent on the actual capturing of the scene. I remember it was rather laborious calculating the focus point which was just beyond the visual focus point. A painstaking task. I imagine with digital it’s a whole lot easier these days.

        Again, it’s a great shot with some very nice contrast and highlights.

        • I admire your work in capturing infrared on film, Michael. Painstaking, indeed! I shot this in aperture priority and post processed in PSE using the infrared filter. Pretty easy compared to film.

          You’re spot on in noticing the contrasts of the tree and weeds. The color version of the image was fine, but the day was sunny and I felt that monochrome gave the old place some much needed character. The infrared lightened up the tree and weeds but left the creeping vines on the house dark, which I thought gave the image the contrast it needed. I still think it needs more moodiness………..any suggestions?

          Thanks :-).

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