11 thoughts on “dolphin dive

    • Thanks, Cnawan :). I was drawn to the tones and shape the this old tree. It wasn’t until I got home and loaded the images that I saw a lovely silver porpoise, complete with disappearing tail. Abstract sculpture in the middle of a cornfield – I’ll take it.

      Thank you :).

      • Don’t you if you take encounters like this as having symbolic import for yourself, but if you do, wondering what this might suggest. Either: Accessing the joy and playfulness of dolphins? Or: Having breached for air, it’s time to dive “inward” to examine what’s going on below the surface? Or something else entirely? Let go of a focus on the air element and dive into the earth element for the season? Just suggestions. Happy Fall!!!

        • oops! slight edit to that note. Meant to begin: “Don’t know if you take encounters like this as having symbolic import…

          • Hello πŸ™‚ Your interpretation is wonderful. A gift, even. Dive below to see under the surface – yes!

            I do believe that autumn is the perfect time to gravitate inward, both mentally and physically. Let go of carefree frolics and examine beneath those summer layers of color. It’s time to focus on structure and the bare bones. Have we a choice? The grass around us is still green, but hints of change are just beyond. As the landscape dies back, her textures become concentrated, like drying grain. The sky opens around us.

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