10 thoughts on “cement sky

  1. I always drive by lone trees in vast fields and think to myself that they would make such beautiful pictures. Here you are proving me right! One of these day’s I’ll stop making excuses and actually pull over to snap one for myself =)

    • Oh yes – you must stop and get some shots. Winter is the best time, when the trees are all bones and the flat fields swept clean of their crops. Be sure to wear your wellies!

  2. Great title … the color of cement I presume? I love the house off to the left … like an afterthought but very mysterious. Compositions like this that break the (so-called) rules excite me!

    • Thanks, Denise. Cement tones vary but are usually grey, rough, and without light. The Midwest sky in November is often the same.

      I think the composition rules are helpful for many people. But the eye likes what it likes :-).

      Thank you!

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