13 thoughts on “woodland ferns

  1. Lovely. When you walk about with your camera, do you leave a prime lens on most of the time? I find my 50mm lens allows me to get close up (like you must have done with these ferns) and to drop out the background. Up close seems more interesting to me lately than the wide vistas. Your shots are a daily dose of calm.

    • Hi Kirk, this is a great question :-).

      Yes, I use a prime lens most of the time, especially on woodland hikes. This shot was taken with a Nikon 60mm — my favorite of the four lenses in my kit.

      I recently bought a 50mm thinking it would be a nice go between for the Nikon 35mm (also a fabulous, low light lens!) and the 60mm. The 50mm, at least so far, seems more vulnerable to sky blowouts than the 60, but that’s probably my lack of skill more than anything!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment :-).

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