18 thoughts on “in which my red glove fell in the river and floated downstream…

    • Thanks, Ilex. I bought those in Scotland last summer, so my heart broke a little when I saw it floating downstream. But if an eagle or hawk or other woodland friend plucked it from the water to line their nest, then my loss is nature’s gift, and that makes me happy :-).

  1. What an image you have offered us … the visual one, and the one in our minds.
    It’s a bit strange because yesterday, as I pulled into a parking space at the grocery store, I saw that someone had placed a red glove in a small hole in the wall. It had been lost, I’m guessing, and whoever found it was hoping that the owner would come look for it.
    I sat there and looked at it for a moment, pondering a photograph.
    So weird that a red glove is featured in your posts.
    So sorry it was lost, though …

    • Oh Laurie I would have loved to see that grocery store red glove! Something about this theme is a bit magical. I once wrote a short story about a heirloom blue crockery bowl that disappeared during a move many years ago. Although I never saw that bowl floating downstream, it felt as though it had just drifted away.

      There’s a lesson to be learned on the letting go of material objects, no matter their sentimental value. I’m still working on that one πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for your lovely comment :).

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