7 thoughts on “of old pumps and black snakes

  1. Oh, I love that pump. It’s similar to my parent’s. Theirs says Iowa as well. I love Iowa. Was born there! PS I’m wondering about the snake as well… 🙂

    • Thanks, Jessica. Iowa is a beautiful state!

      I came upon a nice sized black snake sunning itself in the grass near this pump. I startled us both! After I jumped back and then composed myself, I tried again. Mr. Snake was kind enough to slither away long enough for me to get the shot :).

  2. I used to live in Tennessee awhile and the snakes there were something else. Cottonmouths lurked around our pond and we found their skins in the grass. Egads. But they do tend to just live their lives. Glad you got that good shot safely.

  3. Good for you for hanging around to get this most excellent image.
    It’s one thing to know intellectually that the good ol black snack will not bother us, it’s another to remind our rapidly beating heart of that 🙂

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