6 thoughts on “colmar farmhouse

  1. Oh, I like this photograph…and the tags. It brings back pleasant memories of some studies I did in a settlement geography class in college and several years following. I always loved the simple lines of the old farm buildings and the way the weathered siding rendered on black & white film. I used Tri-X in my Canon AE-1 which was the predecessor to the AE-1p I believe. The light leak is a nice touch too. 🙂

    • Hi Mic. What a great comment! Thank you for sharing! I agree with everything you said :).

      I about a month ago I unearthed my husbands 1981 AE1P and decided to give film a try. I cleaned and restored it (including replacing the light leak foam kit after watching a video on YouTube) and bought a new/used 50mm 1.4 to replace the 1.8 that was on it. Then went through let’s just say a FEW rolls of film before I figured out how to properly load, shoot, and rewind.

      I did shoot a roll of Tri-X before this Porta roll and loved it. Only got a few good images, though, and they were fraught with light leaks and other technical issues that, the more I see them, look completely beautiful in their imperfection. Maybe I’ll post a gallery of them soon.

      The landscapes I shoot seem perfectly suited for film. I fell in love as soon as I saw the first roll come back. I hope to get some experience under my belt and be able to develop B&W film myself, then scan to edit and print.

      Again, thanks for your great comment. Cheers to film!!

      • It sounds like you’ve got a quite a project underway, Sharon! I’m impressed that you cleaned up and restored the camera and repaired the light leak. I hope you’ll post a gallery or two of your film work. I liked shooting the old cameras and processing/printing the films; try a couple of contrast filters on the lens if you can put your hands on some. I used the dark red and orange a lot to darken blue skies, yellow was great for fall foliage, green to lighten dark green foliage in landscapes.

        I did that for forty years or so. Once I got a digital camera and some editing software though, there was no turning back. I gave my darkroom away a few years ago…

        Thanks for sharing your experiments with film. Have fun!!

  2. I came to comment about the image and how much I liked it, and how it made me imagine the people who used to live there. THEN I read the comments between you and Mic. I’m so impressed that you restored a camera, are learning to shoot with it and eventually to develop. WOW!

    • Laurie, thank you so much. I appreciate that. I was ready to explore something other than digital. And these days you can learn anything from the internet!

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