mid july

I drive by this pasture at least once a week. Although the image looks rural, if you pulled back on the shot you would see that it’s actually on the corner of a busy thoroughfare right in town.  I often gauge the change of seasons by what’s happening in and around this field at various times of the year (you can view a couple of the images here and here.)

I set out last night to get a shot of the field as the owners had recently harvested its wheat crop.  As often happens though, once there I was sidetracked by something completely different – in this case a patch of purple coneflowers poking through an old barbed-wire fence.

Coneflowers are the quintessential Midwest perennial, and you see them in many home gardens. They have it all: beauty, hardiness, native habitat and they’re attractive to goldfinches, hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

The sight of purple coneflowers in front of a field of gold is about as summer a scene as one will find in the Midwest in mid July.

Oh, and the pretty gold field stubble is still visible in the background. 🙂

coneflowers and fence

crooked magic hour

magic hour

Having been too busy the last few days to take many pictures, I thought I would go through some past images and find one for the current weekly theme, “The Golden Hour.”

If I could, I would shoot every morning and evening during just these two hours. If it was cloudy, I’d wait for a spot of sun. If the sun didn’t appear, I would photograph the sky anyway – and hope. Because breaking clouds during magic hour are worth waiting for.

I enjoy seeing others’ weekly theme posts and follow them regularly. But alas, I am too lazy to go through the steps myself.

So here is my take on this week’s theme.

I took this image during the drive home after a long flight from London to Chicago. We had been up nearly 24 hours and were nearing the end of the last leg of the journey: the 4 hour drive home.  It had rained a cool spring thunderburst right outside of Chicago and then again as we got closer to home. Just after the sun dipped below the horizon, the clouds broke apart and the sky began to glow.

I thought about straightening the horizon in PS, but it’s a direct reflection of my fatigue and jet lag at the time. And it was such a wonderful holiday…………….

May you celebrate the crooked imperfections in your own life.