2 thoughts on “evening flight

  1. Wonderful again Sharon…..

    Great angle to the barn takes your eye off into the landscape behind!!! The bird do this also!!!!

    Great light again, early morning I am thinking?

    Lovely !!!

  2. Thank you, Nigel. This was about 7:30 in the evening. Barn swallows are a sign of spring. I’ve noticed that, by pure accident, they’ve shown up in a couple other images as well (“spring roof”, for example – look closely in the top right of the shot. I also think there are a couple in “yellow blooms.”) It’s such a treat to get home, view the image and find that the birds have snuck themselves in the shot! As far as this image goes, this is the same building as in my post “sunday”. Both were taken minutes apart, but in this one the setting sun is glowing on the building, and in “sunday” the building is backlit by the same sunset.

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