7 thoughts on “door bluff headlands 2

  1. Black and white catches my eye — it allows me to look deeper into the photo, to notice tones and gradations, see forms and shapes. Thanks for posting.

  2. Go check out my Kayaking Lake Michigan post. We almost got the same shot here. I had to go check (its not, but so close I had to check!) 😉

    • Ilex, this made me so happy! We just spent two weeks in Gill’s Rock late July/early August. We’ve been going to Door County for years and love it up there. I read your DC post, too, and agree with everything you said. We always stay away from the crowds preferring to spend our time in the woods or on the water and going to local supper clubs :-). People always think of DC as charming tourist towns, and there are plenty of them, but the natural, unspoiled beauty of that area is (I think) a well-kept secret. And a photographers paradise. Thanks for sharing! I’ll post my final pic of the bluffs in your honor!

      • I was surprised that there weren’t more “touristy” shops there. Which is no-never-mind to me as like you said, the good stuff is OUTSIDE of town. The geology is fascinating!!
        I can’t wait to go see your next post! Off to there now……. 😃

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