#150, summer holiday

air stream

I’m resurrecting this image today because it was one of the first phone-camera shots that gave me the photography bug. I took it late last summer while we were driving across the state to go bicycling.

Americans have great affection for Airstream trailers as they evoke nostalgic images of childhood vacations, cross country road trips and simpler times:


I just happened to have my phone camera at the ready when this one passed us on the interstate, and the shot couldn’t have turned out any better!

Thank you to everyone who views, follows and comments on my blog. I hope you’re spending these easy summer days doing things that make you happy.



The ruby throated hummingbirds are very active right now, emptying the two feeders in my garden every couple of days. Watching them dogfight through the air as they negotiate feeder space is a joy to watch. They seem to have such fun with their own aerobatics!

Here is a male….

hummingbird-male-perched 2

and a female…..

hummingbird-female-flight 2

These amazing tiny creatures are worth a couple minutes of your time, if you’d like to read about them here:


I hope your world contains something small and magical that makes you smile as well 🙂