london street scenes (gallery of 8 images)

london street scenes trafalgar square

trafalgar square alive with german rugby players and fans

london street scenes china town


london street scenes bear and staff

rush hour at the bear and staff pub

london street scenes pepe bus

have YOU seen pepe?

london street scenes tube

mode of transport: the tube

london street scenes train

lives being lived in every house

london street scenes sisters


london street scenes dinner

waiting for dinner

paris, a woman and her dog

each other

Images of the Midwest are taking a backseat to Europe for a while as I recently returned from holiday in London and Paris. To say these cities are photogenic is an understatement; I took over 1,500 images – all with my cell-phone camera –  in ten days.

Just beyond a line of street artists somewhere along the Quai de Conti, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of this old woman and her dog. She was gracious in allowing me to take her photograph and even kinder when I asked if I could pet her dog, whose tail wagged frantically as he nuzzled into my hand while she spoke lovingly to him in French.

It’s clear this is a relationship based not just on love but also mutual dependence and necessity.  They have each other, and maybe that’s enough.