4 thoughts on “gravel road

  1. Excellent, Sharon. I like the highlights in the grasses, the shadows across the road from the off frame trees, and the tightrope walking corvidae (I think they’re crows). amazing photography in my humble opinion =)

  2. Hi Scott and thanks. I’m not sure if those are starlings or grackles because I can never tell the difference :-), but I think they’re a bit small for crows. Yes, the grasses are lovely right now, especially on a sunny, windy afternoon. Many farmers in an effort to keep their land tidy mow the ditches which seems wrong because the grasses provide cover for so much wildlife! Thank you, Scott :-).

  3. Lovely landscape Sharon, a great example of not excluding things like phone or electric wires and roads. They have added brilliant perspective in this image and I just want to go for a walk with the dog down that road 🙂

    Lovely summers image 🙂

    • Nigel, thank you! I hadn’t even noticed those wires in this shot but someone once told me not to worry about them so I guess it sunk in :-). The three birds helped as well. Thanks Nigel 🙂

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